Postnatal physiotherapy

Physiotherapy for all women in Launceston, Tasmania

Feel confident and comfortable and in control of your body

We recommend attending a 6-week postnatal physiotherapy assessment to examine pelvic floor strength and abdominal separation. During the appointment, any bladder, bowel, prolapse, pain or scar concerns can be discussed as well as guidance on how to safely return to exercise.

The Female Physio Launceston believes that a pelvic health physiotherapy appointment should be standard care for any woman who has given birth regardless of how they delivered. Empower yourself and your body for the future by booking a post-natal physiotherapy assessment.

What to expect

Postnatal assesment


During your postnatal assessment, Monique will ask questions about your birth, bladder, bowel, prolapse and or pain symptoms.

The appointment is designed to:

  • Assess abdominal separation (Diastasis rectus abdominus), function and prescribe a core exercise program,
  • Prescribe an individualised pelvic floor exercise program,
  • Assess for any pelvic organ prolapse,
  • Education and guidance on safe return to exercise (especially important for returning to high impact or loaded exercise like running or weightlifting).

This consultation may include an internal pelvic floor examination.

This is the gold standard for assessing activation, coordination, and integrity of your pelvic floor muscles as well as checking for pelvic organ prolapse.

If you do not wish to have an internal pelvic floor assessment there are many other options for assessing your pelvic floor function and Monique can discuss these with you during the appointment.