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Pelvic health physio in Launceston


This is our mission

The Female Physio Launceston is a clinic for all women.

It is our mission to help you feel confident and comfortable, moving your body, throughout life.

Our service is for young women, the expectant mums and new mums, as well as the experienced women battling those pesky menopause symptoms.

Regardless of which chapter of life you are navigating, you’ll receive the highest quality physiotherapy care with us.

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March is Endometriosis awareness month and The Female Physio Launceston is aiming to bring attention to this common condition affecting 1 in 9 people assigned

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What is Vulvodynia…?

Pelvic pain isn’t normal but you are not alone. Pelvic pain affects 1 in 5 Women at some point in their life. Learn about a type of vulval pain called Vulvodynia and how physiotherapy may help.

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